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Aloe Vera of Forever is an independent distributor of Forever Living Products, the World's leading grower and processor of Aloe Vera available in over 190 countries worldwide. Produced from the inner gel of the leaf, cold processed and stabilized directly - not freeze dried and reconstituted. This ensures that none of the goodness is lost. You will find here excellent natural health and beauty products including moisturizers, lotions, toners. In addition we have drinks in various flavors, and a wide range of minerals, vitamins, and other supplements. We also have for household and for pets.

Forever Living is the only company that produces 100% pure Aloe or Sabila and the best variety which is Aloe Barbadensis (scientific name). Try for yourself and discover the benefits of aloe vera, not only aloe vera for hair but for so many health benefits and general well being.

AVF is a one-stop-shop for every one with one goal in mind. That is to get fit and healthy. We give tips and how tos, ingredients on our featured healthy menu and information on aloe vera products.


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  • After I had my operation, I was taking Aloe Vera and I also used the gelly to heal wounds. Great! my recovery went fast!

  • Aloe Vera Gel makes me feel generally well-being. I have never been to the doctor since I started drinking Aloe Vera.

  • Aloe vera gives a feeling of general well being.